About Us

President’s Message

Since founded in 1964, we have steadily supported our customers by providing
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and electronic devices.
Our foresight on the needs of future generations and challenges for new businesses
drive us to keep thriving and contributing to society for years to come.

Our Mission

As a company, we strive to achieve and maintain the following tenets:

  • ・ Maintain a workforce of confident employees who take pride in their jobs
     and are happy at work.
  • ・ Our slogan, “All for Our Customers,” means that we care about our customers
     and take personal interest in their success.
  • ・ Contribute to society, humanity, and the environment.

In addition, we continue to embrace the national policy, vitality of local communities,
and the market needs. We look ahead to provide visionary services that fulfill the expectations of our customers and to deliver with confidence, excitement, and satisfaction to our customers.

”Foresight Innovating Company“ Mitsuiwa

We are committed to keep the foresight and innovation.


Corporate Profile

Corporate Name mitsuiwa corporation
Headquarters Namikibashi Bldg.,Shibuya 3-15-6,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Phone:+81-3-3407-2181  Fax:+81-3-3407-2180
Founded July 25,1964
Capital 409 million yen
Representative Reiji Ramoto,President
Number of Employees 765(as of April 1,2016)
Revenue 42,5 billion yen
Services ・Sale of ICT devices
・System and network integration services
・Information, network, and communication hardware and
 software support services
・System operation support services
・Installation of ICT devices and consultation, design,
 and construction of associated infrastructure systems
・Sale of various electronic products
・Sale and system development in relation to robots/automation
 and IoT devices
・Sale of energy management system and provide of consulting
 and installation support service
Corporate Family ・31 offices nationwide
・Operates six subsidiaries in Japan and two subsidiaries overseas
 (Singapore and Myanmar)


Diversified portfolio of services organically linked around the ICT services


Mitsuiwa was established in 1964, in the dawn of Japan’s computer era. For over 50 years, we have been proactive in responding to customer needs, and have been building an organization that can fulfill end-to-end phases of the ICT solutions including planning, development, and support services.

Since entering the electronic devices market in 1981, our business revolved around two axes: ICT services and electronic devices. We have grown with our customers and are entrusted by many of them in each of these fields.

We understand that our customers’ business challenges cannot be resolved by ICT alone. We sought answers to the question, “What can we do to provide more effective solutions for our customers?”

In recent years, we began to engage in new business opportunities including: 1) automation, robot solutions, and energy solutions,and IoT solutions for improving efficiency of manufacturing and logistics processes; and 2) global business expansion into emerging ASEAN markets. We are determined to expand these opportunities with technical expertise in conjunction with operational capabilities while working with our corporate family as the basis to fuel our strength. We are confident that we can increasingly contribute to our customers’ business growth.

ICT Services

As your business grows, your ICT systems must grow with it. Your ICT systems support your business activities through iterations of various steps—building infrastructure, developing applications, implementing and operating services, reviewing assets, and rebuilding.

Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle of ICT systems including: consultation, development, device sales, operational support, and maintenance. We continue to be a versatile one-stop provider of ICT solutions. We work with you to ensure that your current and future requirements are met.


Electronic Devices

Electronic Device Solution

We help the customers who are committed to develop sophisticated, high-quality products and accelerate the time to market to gain the greatest market share possible.

Our offerings include application specific standard products (ASSPs), micro control units (MCUs), large-scale system integrations (LSIs), memory devices, and relays, which enable us to provide timely support for the customers’ next-generation product development.

Furthermore, as an ISO 14001:2004 certified company, we continue to foster corporate environmental responsibility.

Electronic Device Division,
Mitsuiwa Corporation
ISO 14001:2004 Certified

Automation and Robot Solutions

We are ready to serve our customers in this new age of robot with our System Integrator (SI) expertise. We offer solutions in automation for manufacturing and logistics facilities. We have accumulated solid know-hows in ICT services and expertise in the rapidly advancing robotic technologies. We bring these skills together and support them through our strong corporate alliance partnerships to provide the automation and robot solutions that are optimal for your organization.

As an integrator of automation and robot solutions, we fulfill the needs of a new generation. Our offerings are not limited to proposing and coordinating robots. We can be your exclusive provider for all aspects of Information, Communication and Robot Technology (ICRT) including planning, manufacturing management, sales and procurement, integration with ICT systems, and implementation of visualization software.

Automations and Robot Solutions

Energy Business

Energy Solutions

Our involvement in energy programs includes creating, storing, and conserving energy. Following the government’s guidance for resource and energy, we provide total solutions for optimizing energy usage. Examples include: implementing the advanced energy conservation systems for industries; supporting energy conservation investments for small and medium enterprises; and optimizing the electricity usage in existing facilities.

Furthermore, based on the result of a research sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), we provide the optimization of energy demand and the utilization of unused energy with ICT and storage batteries. This enables local production for local consumption and ensures a self-sufficient, distributed energy system. This is how we contribute to the revitalization of our local economy.


We promote the concept of “compact, smart fishing port” which will be the model for 2,000 small fishing ports throughout Japan. We aim to optimize energy usage in fishing ports.This will be achieved while using ICT and under the name of “ecovillage”.

In the meantime, the MAFF assigned the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures to conduct a large-scale research trial for fisheries and fishing villages. The research trial, currently underway, entails the implementation of advanced technologies to regenerate particular regions as food production districts.

Since 2012, we have been engaged in an MAFF-sponsored comprehensive research project to study the feasibility of smart community technology in fishing villages in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture.


Global Business

Gloval Business

In 1997, we opened Mitsuiwa Singapore as our first overseas office. The main role of this office is to strengthen the connections with customers in the electronic device business. That was when the semiconductor market was very active, Japanese enterprises were seeking low-cost human resources, and the manufacturers were shifting production facilities from Japan to ASEAN countries.

In 2003, we opened a business promotion office in China. Through this office, we support many customers for their business expansion into China.

In 2009, we opened Mitsuiwa (Shanghai) Corporation to expand the electronic device business in China. Through this office, we are providing local procurement for the manufacturing customers who entered China. As the economy of China grew rapidly, the country began evolving from factory of the world to market of the world. With the “China plus one” strategy in mind, the number of enterprises that shift their production sites to ASEAN countries spiked.

In 2014, we opened the Global Strategy Office as a result of a company reorganization to prepare for business expansion into ASEAN countries beyond China. So far, Myanmar is the first targeted market in our ASEAN strategy. Going forward, with our local subsidiaries in Singapore and Shanghai, we plan on collaborating with local partners to provide ICT system support services for Japanese enterprises entering ASEAN countries.